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What Does Your Birth Month Say About Your Star Sign?

We all know what our star sign is, but did you know that, for example, Aries born in March are different to those born in April? Here we will find out what your birth month says about your star sign.


Aries born in March are hot, fiery and what you would describe as a typical Aries. They are fighters who won't stop until they have achieved their dreams. They don't stop until they win. Aries born in April are more artistic. As they are closer to Taurus (ruled by Venus, planet of love) they find expressing themselves a bit harder. Don't get me wrong, April Aries can hold their own in a fight, they just aren't as aggressive as March Aries!


Taurus born in April are stylish and social. However, they can also be very stubborn and practical, sometimes annoying others. They have their feet firmly planted on the ground and wouldn't be described as dreamers. Taurus born in May are exceptionally loyal. They aren't as social as April Taurus, but do get along with people who have the same interests as them.


Geminis born in May are definitely more airy than those in June. There are many differences between the two, the most obvious being that May Geminis are clingier, however they are wonderful communicators. Geminis born in June are very different. They are more known to have the two personalities, but they have a fabulous energy that not many people can resist.


June Cancerians are highly emotional and can't live without a happy family dynamic. As June Cancerians are only ruled by the moon, they tend to have the most obvious Cancerian strengths and weaknesses. Cancerians born in July are much more mysterious! With the planets that rule them, they are powerful and have a mystical vibe to them.


Leos born in July are shining stars! They love drama and have a very creative nature. They are courageous and want others to be just as considerate as them. They are naturally glamorous and charismatic. Leos born in August constantly want things to be moving and have a great work ethic. They are wonderful at making decisions and are able to control their impulses.


Virgos born in August are stubborn, strong leaders and have lots of confidence. They often feel proud of themselves. However, they are often introverted and independent. They want to be in control of situations. Virgos born in September are very different! They aren't as laid back as August Virgos. They are neat and polite and like to be the entertainers of the friendship group.


Libras born in September have a wonderful sense of humour! They aren't the most adventurous of people and can be quite bossy. They are more analytical and can be judgemental, but always keep a group of close friends with them. Libras born in October are deep thinkers and are independent. They can be rude when something is bothering them and only like the company of those that are similar to them.


October Scorpios are very different to November ones! They are very spiritual people with a sensual energy and a beautiful and kind soul. However, they can sometimes be a bit aggressive. Scorpios born in November are not the same. They are very career oriented and stand up for what they believe in. They are secretive and like to behave differently to others.


Sagittarius born in November have a shining energy. They are free-spirited, positive and opinionated. They are philosophical and need mental stimulation. They must have variety in their lives. Sagittarius born in December are thrill-seekers! They like to make spur-of-the-moment plans and surprising decisions. They are self-confident and love to party.


Capricorns born in December like rules and responsibilities. They have the most classic Capricorn qualities, which makes them very mature. They rarely lose their patience and approach life with wisdom. Capricorns born in January like to focus on their work. However, they are much more social, chatty and charming, allowing them to shake off any shyness and connect with people better.


Aquarius born in January are subtler and sneakier and much prefer to do their own thing. They sometimes pretend like they don't know what they're doing, but they actually have everything figured out! Aquarius born in February are different. They like to be noticed and are known for being 'different'. They don't mind being weird and like to stand out.


There are many differences between February and March Pisces. Pisces born in February are very emotional, caring, gentle and sensitive. They always want to hear other people's opinions. Pisces born in March are much more interested in every aspect of life. They are truly interested in learning and don't want to miss anything. They get excited thinking about what life may give to them.

By Pia Louisa

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