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Astrology Oracle Cards

Oracle cards give deeper insight into your tarot reading and provide a new perspective. Today we will be looking at the Starcodes Astro Oracle deck. These oracle cards are amazing as they go through each zodiac sign, as well as different astrological archetypes.


Receiving Leo is a sign to shine for the benefit of all! Leo is all about being the main character in your own story and letting the spotlight be on you. Take centre stage and watch everyone look at you. Be honest with people, as Leos are notoriously blunt when it comes to their opinions. Remember to love the people around you with as much passion as possible.


When Gemini appears in your reading, it wants you to build connections with others by using humour and all other forms of communication. Geminis love words and know that they hold power over any issue. Understand that privacy is not always guaranteed and sometimes what you say may get back to the wrong person. Keep an open mind and treat everyone the way you wish to be treated.


Scorpio is all about going deep within and reaching down into the soul. Scorpios are incredibly intense and aren't afraid to ask questions. Keep your cards close to your chest and get all the information you need before making any decisions. Question not only others, but also yourself. Finally, Scorpios know the value of transformation, so don't be afraid of change.


Receiving Aries is a sign to remember your personal fire and reasons for being alive. Begin something new and enjoy the process. Aries represents our inner child, meaning a rebellious nature goes with this sign hand in hand. Patience is not a trait that comes naturally to Aries, so try to remain as focussed as possible and trust the timing of life. Come alive in whatever way makes you feel amazing!


When Sagittarius appears in your reading, it asks you to think big, travel, and use your curiosity for the greater good. Expand your point of view and humbly speak your truth. Sagittarius treats the world as their oyster and always makes the best out of their situation. Know that you don't always have to say something and sometimes what is left unsaid speaks volumes.


Virgo is symbolised by a woman carrying a sheaf of wheat and is ruled by Mercury, which shows us that this sign knows the importance of skill and communication. Look for the details in a situation and try not to judge something at face value. Take a break and work on your self-care. On the other hand, if you don't work hard, you'll be left with nothing, so remember to hone your skill and create.


Receiving Cancer is a sign to immerse yourself in emotion and then come back to your natural state, as symbolised by the crab. Be the emotional leader and connect to the parent archetype. Cancerians are naturally a parental figure for lots of people and know the importance of nurturing. Nourish your relationships with your chosen family and show them how much you care.


When Libra appears in your reading, it asks you to strengthen the relationships around you using balance, equality, and romance. Beauty flows through compassion and honesty, therefore remember to include these traits in your communication. Be fair, kind, and straightforward with the people you love. A partnership of equals is important to you, in work, family, and romance.


Taurus is all about growing your roots and strengthening over time. Make sure your life is full of amazing experiences and great friendships. Be realistic and look at your romantic relationships honestly by assessing your physical connection, as well as your practical compatibility. Don't confuse stubbornness for strength and make sure to look for emotional fulfilment in the right places.

By Pia Louisa

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