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Astrology Oracle Cards Part 3

Today's oracle cards are all the planets that are associated with each zodiac sign. Let's get started with part 3 of the Starcodes Astro Oracle deck!


Receiving Mars is a sign to focus on your independence, aggression and passion. Mars is the mythological god of war and the traditional ruler of Aries and Scorpio (although now Scorpio is known to be ruled by Pluto). If you get this card in a reading, allow yourself to be taken over by the powerful side of life and take any actions that you believe will be worth the effort.


When Jupiter appears in your reading, it wants you to expand your world through education, philosophy and travel. Jupiter is all about abundance and getting all that you want in life by working on your perspective. Think big and trust that you can achieve anything you want. Jupiter is a card that says there is no stopping you once you set your mind to something!


Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio and takes 248 years to orbit the Sun. As it is associated with Scorpio, Pluto is all about the mysteries of life and our ability to embrace the intensity that the world can bring. Dig deep within yourself to find the answers you are looking for and enjoy solitude. Allow yourself to transform certain areas of your life and use your power wisely.


Receiving Uranus is a sign to get out of your funk and change your life. Uranus is the planet that brings a new perspective after chaos and invites you to switch things up. Do things that will surprise you and lead you to an outcome you didn't expect. Alternatively, do something that surprises someone else by sharing your eccentricity with others. Take a look at the disasters in your life with a fresh perspective.


When Moon appears in your reading, it wants you to express your inner feelings, dive deep within your river of emotions and explore how you nurture others and like to be nurtured in return. The Moon is the ruler of Cancer, therefore it is all about embracing your feminine side and letting it motivate you. Listen to your subconscious and work out what patterns you are drawn to in your life.


Neptune is all about how we live in a world of so many emotions. There are constantly new things to think about and process, and Neptune is a sign to stay cool during a scary time. Neptune is the ruler of Pisces and wants you to pray, meditate and use your intuition. Remember to trust the journey of life and not stress too much about the things that you can't control.


Receiving Mercury is a sign to focus on your mind and how you communicate with others. Mercury is all about how you think and move through the world. It is the ruler of Gemini and Virgo and wants you to communicate everything that you need to get off your chest. Don't sit on your thoughts and emotions, let them be free! Make sure others understand what you are saying and that there are no miscommunications.


When Venus appears in your reading, it wants you to focus on your heart, romance, and creativity. Venus is the ruler of Taurus and Libra, therefore it is all about the sweet feminine side of life. Be soft and don't try to force yourself into situations that don't concern you. Use your charm for good and open your heart! Ask yourself what you value in life and let romance sweep you away.


Saturn is all about personal authority, maturity, and discipline. This planet speaks of that which we must build over time, including bones, teeth, traditions, and organisations. Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn and wants you to step into the next phase of your life. Build your level of maturity and let your personal authority take over. Explore the practical side of life.

By Pia Louisa

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