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Keepers Of The Light Oracle Part 3

We are exploring part 3 of the Keepers Of The Light Oracle today. Having a deeper insight into these cards makes it easier to understand them in a reading. Let's get to it!

Lady Nada

Receiving Lady Nada is a sign to accept the love around you. Lady Nada is said to be an incarnation of Mary Magdalene, but with a slightly different energy. Let your heart open up wide in order to let in the love that surrounds you. Don't struggle in silence, instead allow the people that care to take care of you. In times of stress, remember the love in your life.

Lady Portia

When Lady Portia appears in your reading, she wants you to trust your intuition and do what feels right to you. Lady Portia is a goddess symbolising justice and harmony. If you have been feeling like the universe has been against you lately, this card is here to tell you that things are working in your favour and there is no need to worry. You have integrity and honesty deep within you.

Lady Venus

Lady Venus is all about the truth being revealed to you. As mentioned in her name, Lady Venus is associated with the planet Venus (the planet of love) and therefore wants you to look at any romantic opportunities in your life. Be aware of your surroundings and know that you are not alone. There are more hopeful moments making their way to you, so don't lose faith.

Lord Ganesh

Receiving Lord Ganesh is a sign to push through the obstacles in your path in order to achieve your goals. Ganesh is the Hindu elephant-headed god and wants you to know that what's meant for you will make its way to you. Work towards your highest good and before you make any decisions, ask yourself if it will benefit you in the future. Do what is right to you.

Lord Shiva

When Lord Shiva appears in your reading, he wants you to rise up and be the bigger person in whatever situation you may be finding yourself in. Shiva is in the trinity of Hindu god figures and hopes that you are embracing life fully. You only get one life, so remember to include as much happiness and joy within it as possible. Fight the sadness and keep going.

Mahavatar Babaji

Mahavatar Babaji is all about expanding your mind and learning everything that interests you. Mahavatar means 'great incarnation' and Babaji means 'sacred father'. If you feel like you have been retreating from the world lately, this card is telling you that it's okay. Connect with the people in your life again slowly and know that it's fine if you want to take some time for yourself.


Receiving Kuthumi is a sign that you already know the answer to the question that you have been asking. Kuthumi is an ascended master with a golden aura. In order to gain knowledge, you must get out into the world and learn. There is so much out there for you to discover, but you must go and search for it yourself. Gain wisdom and learn everything your heart desires!


When Kali-Ma appears in your reading, she wants you to know that major changes are making their way to you. Kali-Ma is the Hindu goddess of death and rebirth and wants you to look fear in the eye and be able to move on from it. Don't fear change. Your life is developing into something that will serve your highest good. There may be a difficult time of transition, but it will all be worth it in the end.


Krishna is all about trusting the guidance that is helping you on your journey. He is a Hindu god who embodies divine wisdom and wants you to connect with your spiritual side. Spirituality can mean many things, so whatever it is you do, make sure to do something that makes you feel at peace and ready to take on the world. Trust yourself and seek advice when needed.

By Pia Louisa

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