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Keepers Of The Light Oracle Part 4

This next batch of oracle cards from the Keepers Of The Light oracle range from spiritual teachers, to goddesses of mercy. They are beautiful cards that help highlight the messages given to you by the tarot. Once you find out more about the oracle cards you receive, you can gain deeper insight into what your reader wants you to know and any messages that are meant for you.


Receiving Melchizedek is a sign that the hardest times are over and you are now able to learn from your experiences. Melchizedek is a high priest who is mentioned in the Bible. You are learning every day and have gained wisdom from your past. Don't think of your mistakes as mistakes, instead think of them lessons that have each taught you something different about life.

Master Jesus

When Master Jesus appears in your reading, he wants you to know that you're on the right path and everything in your life will lead you to love and light. Know that you are worthy of all the success coming to you. Forgive those who have done you wrong and allow more self-love into your life. Do what is best for you while still thinking about the outcome for others.

Paul The Venetian

Paul The Venetian is all about sharing your gifts with the world! He is said to be ascended from a famous artist from the Italian Renaissance. Use your creativity and trust that it is guiding you towards the right path. You are being inspired to create a masterpiece. Have fun and don't worry about making any mistakes. Your creativity is at its peak.

Mother Mary

Receiving Mother Mary is a sign to set aside your ego and know that sometimes other people know better. Mary is the mother of Jesus and is one of the best-loved saints of the world. Let go of any conflicts and don't try to start any confrontations. Fighting never leads to anything good, so once you have made your point, let go and walk away. You can't get along with everyone, and that's okay.

Mary Magdalene

When Mary Magdalene appears in your reading, she wants you to let the world know the important messages you have to share. Mary Magdalene was a teacher with clairvoyant abilities who was able to see the angels. You are becoming a teacher yourself and want to share your thoughts and feelings with those who need guidance. There is so much you have learned and can now teach the world.

Quan Yin

Quan Yin is all about choosing love and not letting any sadness get you down for long. She is a goddess of mercy, love, and empathy. Acknowledge all that you have done for others and be proud of your service. We sometimes forget to give ourselves a pat on the back for all that we have achieved, so now is your time to do just that. You have done so much already, and you are only at the beginning of your journey.

Master Buddha

Receiving Master Buddha is a sign that you have a deep connection to your overall wellbeing and know that you must listen to your body in order to find out what is best for you. The Buddha started his life as a prince, but one day broke free and was exposed to sickness and death. You are moving past your fears and are now focussing on what is meant for you and important to your path.


When Odin appears in your reading, he wants you to keep your third eye open and see what is sometimes hidden. Odin is a Norse god associated with wisdom, healing, and sorcery. Look beyond what is on the surface. There is almost always something more to discover about someone or something. Ask questions and don't judge based on first impressions.


Mercury is all about talking through your problems with someone who will listen and you can trust. He is the Roman god of communication and connections. Now is the time to get everything out into the open and work out what form of communication works best for you. Don't suffer in silence, instead start a conversation with someone in a way that makes you both comfortable.

By Pia Louisa

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