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Self-Care Oracle Cards Part 2

These self-care oracle cards are wonderful at enhancing a tarot reading and today we will be moving on to part 2 of exploring what they all mean. The Sacred Self Care Oracle deck is full of ways to help you find your best method of taking care of yourself. If there are any self-care methods that interest you, don't be afraid to try them out!

Connect With Your Ancestors

Receiving Connect With Your Ancestors is a sign to remember your family and feel their protection when you're going through a tough time. Look through any patterns that appear in your family line and either heal them, or come to peace with them. You could also talk to people in your family who you know have great wisdom. Knowing that you have family, old and new, who have your back, can make you feel unstoppable.

Create Art

When Create Art appears in your reading, you are becoming an artist and are creating your own masterpiece, whether that be actual art, or aspects of your life you would like to work on. If there are any blocks that are making it challenging to create art, this card wants you to figure out what they are, so that you are able to become your creative self again.

Make An Alter

Make An Alter is all about dedicating a space for yourself that you can go to, where all of your favourite things, hobbies and memories are. Almost every house you go into will have an alter of some sort. If you don't have one, think about the things you love most and create a small space where you can embrace them fully. Whether it be crystals, books, or pictures of your loved ones, make your alter a place just for you.

Connect With The Earth

Receiving Connect With The Earth is a sign to create peace for yourself and feel at one with the earth. Make time to be in nature and feel the energy that it brings you. Turn off your phone for however long you think you may need and just remember the beauty that is all around you. There is so much to look at when you are concentrating on the amazing nature around us.

Connect With Crystals

When Connect With Crystals appears in your reading, it wants you to embrace the energies of your crystals and let them surround you with peace and love. Crystals will only work if you want them to, so allow them to bring you a sense of calm and protection. Which crystals resonate with you, and how can you incorporate them into your life?

Connect With Your Womb

Connect With Your Womb is all about bringing your dreams to life. This card is for all the women out there and a reminder of how strong their bodies are. Concentrate on your thoughts and feelings and see what your body does as each emotion changes. Our bodies have an amazing way of letting us know when something isn't right. Remember to listen to it.

Clear Your Energy Field

Receiving Clear Your Energy Field is a sign to get rid of any negative energies surrounding you, clear your head of any pessimistic thoughts and remember to fill your heart full of love. If you are struggling to maintain a clear energy field, figure out what needs to be changed and don't be afraid to change it. It's your life and you don't want to waste your time on people and things that bring negativity to it.

Connect With Fire

When Connect With Fire appears in your reading, it doesn't have to necessarily mean physical fire (although it can mean that too), it can also mean connecting with your inner fire and letting it burn bright. Throw your old patterns and ways of thinking into the metaphorical fire and let them burn away. You could also (safely) light some candles and have a bonfire in order to connect to actual fire.


Dance is all about empowering yourself through movement and your own dance style. How do you like to dance? It could be for exercise, for fun with friends, or you could even join a dance class. Dancing lifts the mood greatly and is a wonderful way of just letting loose and not caring what others think. Have some fun and dance the night away!

By Pia Louisa

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