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Weekly Horoscope

Your horoscope has arrived and a big happy birthday to all the Aquarius out there! Let's get into the reading.

Aries - Four of Wands

The Four of Wands is a card full of joy and happiness, asking you to appreciate everything in your life. When you see this card, it is time to celebrate with the people you love most. You may be celebrating a milestone, birthday, or anniversary. Or maybe you just want to have your friends over to celebrate nothing in particular, but just to have fun. Go for it, you deserve it!

Taurus - Eight of Swords

The Eight of Swords shows a woman tied up and blindfolded. There are eight swords that are surrounding her, showing that her limited mind is stopping her from moving forward. However, if the woman removed her blindfold, she would be able to get herself out of this situation, showing that she is the one who is trapping herself. There is water at her feet, suggesting to use intuition.

Gemini - The Lovers

The Lovers is a card about being open and honest. The man and woman in the card have learned to be their most vulnerable with each other and show their true selves. They show how trust can be built, by not holding anything back and being completely honest with how they feel. This card suggests that by communicating honestly with the people around you, your environment should become a harmonious place to be in.

Cancer - Justice

If you are seeking justice, then this card is a clear sign that it will be given to you! You may be waiting for certain people to make their minds up about you. They will make their decision very soon. Once they have made up their minds, you must accept it and move on, Justice is all about getting one chance. Don't dwell on the 'what ifs', accept what has happened and move forward.

Leo - Six of Swords

You are going through a transition period at the moment Leo. Transitions can be really tough, especially when it feels like they're coming out of nowhere. The best thing to do now is to just go with it. There's not much you can do to stop this transition from happening, so just know that by the end of it you will become an even better version of yourself.

Virgo - The Star

You seem rather disconnected from certain things at the moment Virgo. Don't worry about this, as when we become disconnected from people or things, it's usually because we have become bored. When this happens, try and find something new to make you excited again. It doesn't have to be anything big, just something simple that will make you excited to get up in the morning.

Libra - Strength

You are a very persuasive person Libra and it's time to use this to your advantage. It seems as if you have been doing what other people want for a while now. Well I say, no more! Use your powers of persuasion to get the people around you to do what you want for a change. Don't feel guilty about being a bit selfish, everyone has to do it from time to time.

Scorpio - Eight of Wands

The Eight of Wands wants you to be completely focussed on your actions. Figure out what it is you want to manifest, then use all of your resources to reach your chosen goal. Get rid of any distractions that may be getting in your way and move forward with determination. Doing this will make you very productive, allowing you to accomplish a lot in a short period of time.

Sagittarius - Ace of Wands

The Ace of Swords suggests that you can feel a new idea coming to you, but you aren't quite sure what it's going to be yet. You have so much passion within you, but you haven't found a way to let it all out. You may be waiting for something else before you start on your new idea. Or you may want to keep it private until you feel more confident about it.

Capricorn - Eight of Cups

The Eight of Cups shows that you may be avoiding a certain situation. The cups in the card represent emotions that haven't been dealt with yet. However, it seems like you are trying to pretend like they don't exist. You may be avoiding having a conversation with someone about how you honestly feel, as you prefer to keep it to yourself. Remember, a problem shared is a problem halved.

Aquarius - Death

The Death card offers you the opportunity to embrace change, rather than resist it. There will be wonderful opportunities open to you once you agree to the changes coming your way. Once you wave goodbye to the past and embrace the present, your future becomes even brighter. Embrace change and all it brings. Once you do this, you'll be surprised how many doors open up for you.

Pisces - The Fool

Innocence is the key word for you Pisces. Things have happened in the past that have made you cautious and rather resentful. However, this way of thinking will soon pass. Embrace your childlike innocence and see the world with fresh eyes. You are a different person every day, so don't be held back by the past. Look forward to the future with a curious mind.

By Pia Louisa

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