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Weekly Horoscope

Happy birthday to all the Scorpios out there, and welcome to your weekly horoscope! With Halloween fast approaching, this is the best time of year to embrace the magic all around us. The oracle cards being used today are the Starcodes Astro Oracle, bringing astrology into your tarot reading. Let's begin...

Aries - Temperance

There is imbalance in your life Aries, and now is the time to finally put things back into place. You may be feeling a bit lost, unsure of what your next step should be. Go back to what makes you who you are. Balance yourself through joy. Find your centre again and remember your identity. Spend time with people who know your real self, or get to know yourself again through time alone. Oracle card - Taurus = Cultivate.

Taurus - Five of Pentacles

The Five of Pentacles illuminates the feeling of emotional poverty. You may be feeling like something is missing in your life, but can't quite put your finger on it. If you have been feeling alone, even in a group of people, it is a sign that you aren't being emotionally satisfied. Do not focus on material wealth at this time, instead focus on the emotional connections in your life. Oracle card - Capricorn = Achieve.

Gemini - Four of Wands

A homecoming is upon you Gemini, with this time showing you how important it is to connect with your roots and family. Get back to who you are through bonding with the people most important to you. Spend time at home and enjoy being in your cherished environment. Home is where the heart is, so make sure to be wherever, or with whoever you associate with home. Oracle card - Cancer = Immerse.

Cancer - Three of Swords

Grief comes in many forms Cancerian. If you have been going through a tough time lately, either a relationship/friendship has broken down, or a loved one has passed or moved away, this is the time to really feel all the emotions that you may have been suppressing. It's okay to feel sad when something changes in your life. Allow yourself to be swept up in emotion. Oracle card - Debilitated = Discomfort.

Leo - The High Priestess

Embrace the divine feminine Leo. We all have masculine and feminine sides to us, but now it is your turn to connect with your femininity. Be gentle yet brave and open your mind to new experiences. You know that you were put on this Earth for a reason, so be your true self unapologetically. Nothing can stop you once you put your mind to something. Oracle card - Fifth House = Passion.

Virgo - Nine of Wands

Courage is your word for this week Virgo. If you have been feeling scared or nervous about a certain situation, remember that you are tough enough to handle anything. Bravery comes from within, so work on your confidence, and if you don't feel confident at all, fake it until you actually become it. You can accomplish much more than you give yourself credit for. Oracle card - Retrograde = Review.

Libra - The Sun

The Sun card radiates with warmth and positivity! Having a bright sun in the card symbolises all life on Earth, and the four sunflowers represent the four elements (fire, earth, air, and water). This card wants you to remain optimistic and embrace all sides to your personality. You have the ability to become whoever you want, so remember to live on the bright side. Oracle card - Progressions = Journey.

Scorpio - The Fool

The Fool is suggesting that you are exploring yourself on a more quiet and personal level. You don't particularly want to take centre stage at this moment, and would much rather dance like no one is watching in the comfort of your own home. This card wants you to bring more playtime into your everyday life, even if it is in private to start off with. Live your life for you! Oracle card - Eleventh House = Community.

Sagittarius - Ten of Swords

The Ten of Swords marks a painful ending. A relationship may have come to an end, or a work opportunity may have been taken away from you. It is an ending that has come out of nowhere and shaken your world. You never expected this to happen and now feel like your life is crumbling. Grieve this pain and know that you will love and trust again. Your time will come. Oracle card - Neptune = Vision.

Capricorn - The Hermit

The Hermit shows that you are taking a break from your everyday life and taking the time to search your soul from within. Wisdom and truth come from you, so don't let the distractions of the outside world keep you from understanding yourself on a deeper level. You are on a journey of self-discovery, and are lead by your inner wisdom and guiding light. Oracle card - Solar Flares = Activate.

Aquarius - Justice

The person in the Justice card sits in front of a purple veil, symbolising compassion, and two pillars, similar to the High Priestess and Hierophant, representing balance and structure. This isn't a time in your life when you can go with the flow, as you know that organisation is an important skill. Do everything in moderation and lead with your heart wherever you can. Oracle card - Eighth House = Mystery.

Pisces - The Hanged Man

Here's the thing about The Hanged Man, it wants you to pause, but these pauses can be voluntary, or involuntary. If you're in tune with your intuition, you'll know when it's time to hit the breaks and stop. However, if you aren't in tune with your intuition, you are likely to find that pauses in your life happen because your mind and body simply can't take it anymore. Oracle card - Trine/Sextile = Symbiosis.

By Pia Louisa

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