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Weekly Horoscope

This week's horoscope will involve using our normal tarot cards, however, the oracle cards being used are 'The Sacred Self-Care Oracle'. Therefore, try to think about self-care this week and keep in mind what your card says.

Aries - Four of Cups

The Four of Cups sees a young man sitting under a tree with his arms crossed, while thinking and meditating. He is so deep in his thoughts that he does not see a hand offering him a cup. Three more cups are at his feet, but he doesn't seem to care. Look at the new opportunities coming your way and really think about whether you want to do them before you dismiss anything. Oracle card - Connect with crystals.

Taurus - The Tower

The Tower shows a tall building on top of a rocky mountain. Lighting strikes the building and two people jump out head first. It's a scene of destruction and chaos. Look at the areas of your life that you want to run away from and figure out if you can fix anything. Sometimes bad things happen that can't be resolved, but occasionally chaos can turn to peace. Oracle card - Plan a holiday.

Gemini - The Hanged Man

Letting go is important at the moment Gemini. Don't hold onto things that are no longer serving you. Let go of the toxicity in your life and make way for better things to come. Letting go can be scary at times, but you know when it is the right time to start something new. A soon as you get rid of what is getting you down, your more interesting life will start. Oracle card - Clean your space.

Cancer - The World

The World can mean a frustrating delay in completing a project. You may have missed an essential piece in your plans and now are finding it difficult to rest until you get it sorted out. Try to get even more creative so you can finally reach the finish line. Remember the reason why you started in the first place and try to draw on your inspirations. Oracle card - Make an alter.

Leo - Four of Wands

Inner harmony is very important to you Leo and on the subject of self-care, this week may be beneficial for you to find your balance again. Search within and figure out what is making you happy. Don't apologise for the things that bring you peace. Work on yourself and let there be joy in your life. Focus on what you truly love to do and the people who make you feel alive. Oracle card - Music.

Virgo - The Hierophant

Freedom is important to you Virgo and it seems you may be feeling rather trapped at the moment. Whether you feel tied down by a relationship, job, or friendship, now is the time to break free! This doesn't necessarily mean leaving this situation, but make sure you have your own identity within it. Feel free to make your own decisions and do the things you want. Oracle card - Connect with your body.

Libra - King of Cups

The King of Cups represents control over your emotions and creativity. When you receive this card, it is a sign that you have mastered your emotions and are not letting them get the better of you. Even when life throws something unexpected at you, you have the ability to draw on your emotions to navigate these challenges. Oracle card - Spend time with friends.

Scorpio - Three of Cups

In the Three of Cups, there are three women dancing in a circle, holding their cups high to celebrate the joys in their life. They look at each other with respect and are bound by their deep emotional bond. Each woman celebrates her friends' uniqueness! The ground is full of fruits and flowers, symbolising the goodness in life. Spend time with the people you love and celebrate your friendships. Oracle card - Look to the stars.

Sagittarius - Nine of Swords

The Nine of Swords shows a person sitting up in bed with their hands over their head. They have been woken up by a terrible nightmare that has left them feeling scared and anxious. Nine swords are hanging on the wall behind them, representing the negative thoughts swirling around in their mind. The base of the bed shows one person defeating another, symbolising the bad dreams you may be having. Oracle card - Family.

Capricorn - Seven of Pentacles

You are making investments into your future at the moment Capricorn! Naturally, you understand that progress happens over a long period of time and that the best things in life can't be rushed. Right now you are making decisions based upon what you want your life to look like. Preparing for the future is great, but don't forget to live for the present as well. Oracle card - Be still.

Aquarius - Temperance

This card represents higher learning. You are learning a lot at the moment and are at peace with where you are now, as you can see things coming together. Your inner voice is guiding you towards the right outcome and you are patiently listening. Life never stops teaching, no matter how much of an expert you are. Keep going and don't forget to look back at your progress. Oracle card - Movement.

Pisces - The Empress

Connecting with nature is very important to you Pisces. Whether this be decorating your house with beautiful plants, or embracing the seasonal changes, your joy is coming from nature. Adorn your home with spring flowers, or skip right ahead and look towards the summer months! Let the seasons guide you and keep you connected to nature and the happiness it brings. Oracle card - Spend time with animals.

By Pia Louisa

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