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Best Crystals For Love

There are quite a few different things people look for when choosing a crystal, one of the most popular being love. Here are the top 5 crystals to use if you want to attract more love into your life.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis is the crystal for communication, which is just what any good relationship needs. It connects to your throat chakra, giving you the ability to share your truth. Using Lapis will put you in an overall feeling of peace and wellbeing. The words Lapis Lazuli come from the Latin word 'Lapis', which means stone and the Persian word 'Lazhward' meaning blue. Star sign associated - Libra.


Ruby is a crystal that connects to your root chakra, allowing you to remain grounded and radiate self-confidence. It's a great crystal for sensuality, as well as keeping you present in the moment. In many cultures throughout history, Ruby has been a sign of passion and protection, cutting out any negative people that may try and make their way into your life. Star sign associated - Cancer.


Citrine is full of happiness and joy, which is why it is used as a reminder that being in love can be a wonderful thing. Those who use this crystal can't help but sparkle with joy wherever they go! Citrine activates creativity and self-expression, allowing you to open up to someone in a way like never before. It enhances concentration, helping you to focus on the task at hand. Star sign associated - Leo.


Aventurine is a great crystal to use if you are looking for a new relationship, or just starting one. With its green colour, it activates the heart chakra and wants you to succeed in all areas of your life, giving you the grace and power you need to achieve your goals. Aventurine is a moving forward stone, but with its connection to the heart chakra, it gives your life a soft and calm touch. Star sign associated - Taurus.

Rose Quartz

We can't forget the most important love crystal, the beautiful Rose Quartz! Used for when you're ready to find love again, this crystal builds up your trust and helps you to allow unconditional love in your life. 'Rose Quartz' gets its name from the Greek word 'Hyalos' meaning glass. It is a crystal clear stone that is the go-to for anyone needing a fresh start in the love department. Star sign associated - Aries.

By Pia Louisa

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