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Best Orange Crystals

Orange crystals work with your sacral chakra and also with your solar plexus. In fact, wearing an orange crystal on a necklace is said to activate all of your higher chakras. Orange crystals bring the light of the Sun into your creative area. These crystals are often used to bring wealth and good luck into your life. Here are the best orange crystals!

Orange Sapphire

Also known as Padparadscha Sapphire, this crystal is rare and very valuable. Orange Sapphires can be a light orange, or a bright red-orange hue. They are some of the hardest crystals to find in their natural form. Orange Sapphires are best used for their brilliant shine! They also have a yellow-gold colour in them too, however, you are more likely to find them in smaller sizes.

Orange Agate

Agate is a beautiful and grounding stone, and Orange Agate is no exception! This fiery crystal is used to promote comfort and the ability to make your dreams come true. Orange Agate gives you courage and helps you see the truth in every situation. It wants to remind you of your roots and know that it's ok to reach high. Orange Agate helps you feel safe and secure.

Orange Diamond

Orange Diamonds are very rare and very expensive. They're nicknamed 'fire diamonds' as they have an intense colour and are stunning to look at. Orange Diamonds are very rare and get their colour from nitrogen. They can come in light orange, or a deep orange colour. Orange Diamonds are also called 'pumpkins' due to the famous diamond known as the 'Pumpkin Diamond'.

Orange Calcite

Orange Calcite is an energising crystal that boosts your creativity and optimism and keeps you moving in the right direction. It helps connect your spiritual side to your material side and deal with emotional issues. Orange Calcite energises the sacral and solar plexus chakras and brings positive energy into the areas of willpower and sensuality.


Carnelian introduces balance and courage to its users. It helps keep your emotions in check when all you want to do is explode! Carnelian is an empowering crystal and brings you closer towards your goals. When using this crystal, place it somewhere connected to your sacral chakra and remember that you are balanced and everything around you is stable.

By Pia Louisa

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