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Opalite is a crystal that attracts a faithful love. It can come in many colours, most commonly clear or light blue, but my favourite is the pink one! Opalite gives you confidence and brings support in times of transition. Here are some reasons why Opalite is a wonderful crystal.

Planet: Moon

Star Sign: Cancer

Element: Water

Chakra: Third Eye

Used For: Wealth, removing negative energies, removing negative thoughts

Why You Should Use It

Opalite can be used in so many ways. It mainly brings wealth and good fortune. Place it at work and it will attract success to your business. It also helps with communication in the workplace. Opalite cuts any negative energies out of your life for good and works great for those wanting to start over. It helps to carve a path out for you to feel connected to your purpose in life.

How To Use It

Opalite absorbs in the energy of the people around it, so make sure to put it somewhere private. It works perfectly in an office environment as it is good to have around when making important decisions to do with business and personal life. If you are going to be around people you get nervous about seeing, keep Opalite with you so it can clear any negative energies and help you have a good time.

For Love and Relationships

Opalite has a deeply important role to play when welcoming love into our lives. It helps you to stay hopeful and remember that you are worthy of love. Opalite wants you to be joyful and courageous in relationships and brings you passion and a zest for life! It wants you to mean what you say, so it will help you understand what it is that you really want from life.

Healing Properties

Opalite is a man made stone, therefore it doesn't have the same healing properties as crystals that have been underground for years and years. However, it is still an all-round healing crystal that is said to calm down mood swings and help with tiredness. Opalite gives us strength and helps us to speak our true feelings instead of keeping them hidden.

By Pia Louisa

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