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Weekly Goddess - Bastet

This week's goddess is Bastet, Egyptian goddess of the sun, cats and women's secrets. She was worshiped in the form of a lion and later on a cat. She has a ferocious nature and takes her protective duties seriously. Bastet is best known to be a goddess of cats and as a fierce protector of women.

Who Is Bastet?

Bastet is a fierce warrior goddess of the sun and later on goddess of cats. She is a defender and is sometimes seen fighting the evil snake Apep. Bastet is also a goddess of pregnancy and childbirth. Being represented by a lion early on, she is known to be a ferocious goddess who you wouldn't want to get on the bad side of! Bastet is also different as she is a goddess of both the sun and moon.

What Does Bastet Stand For?

Bastet stands for fierceness and femininity. Cats in ancient Egypt were highly admired, which is why she changed from being a lioness deity to a cat deity. She embodies ancient Egypt in all its glory and wants those to allow themselves to have fun and play. Spend time by yourself and don't be afraid to have high expectations. Make your own decisions and be a strong powerful person.

How To Embrace Bastet's Energy

Embrace Bastet's energy by allowing yourself to be fiercely protective and mysterious. You don't always have to be tame and can switch between being a lion and a cat. You can be wild and domesticated. Be unapologetically devoted and in love with whatever it is you do and use your strength to the fullest. Protect your home and those in it and hold yourself in high esteem.

By Pia Louisa

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