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Weekly Goddess - Cordelia

This week's goddess is Cordelia, British goddess of spring and summer flowers.

Who is Cordelia?

Cordelia (also known as Creiddylad) is the goddess of flowers, beauty, fairies and wishes. As a British goddess, she is a part of every flower that blooms in spring and summer. Normally, Cordelia doesn't show herself until May, when the earth is fertile. Back in the old times, people would gather round a well and ask her for favours. Nowadays, people bring a coin to a fountain and make a wish, but the sentiment is the same.

What Does Cordelia Stand For?

Cordelia stands for nature (leaves, berries, trees etc.). She asks for beauty in the world, especially in the flowers of spring and summer. She is also connected to the sea and wants us to celebrate with nature, encouraging us to take up gardening and do activities that will help with stress management. Cordelia (Creiddylad) rules the earth in the warmer months and helps lost souls along their way.

How To Embrace Cordelia's Energy

Embrace Cordelia's energy by living the life you've always wanted. Get outside and find the beauty in the world. Be empowered by the enjoyment you can get by being outdoors and one with nature. Have fun and believe in yourself. Listen to what your soul is telling you and be a companion of nature. Embrace your nurturing energy and be your own goddess.

By Pia Louisa

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